Zolana happens when you love someone and they love you back. The love for people is the intention behind what is written in my book. It’s about a journey into the discoveries that helped me see the things that are kept from us. I’m happy to say that there is an awareness taking place, yet everyone needs to know that everything is not what it seems. Believe it or not, they are doing everything in their power to dumb us down. Not to question. To look the other way. This is done through entertainment, the media, what they put in our food, drink, and anything else you can imagine. The love for money and power is like a virus and has taken over the souls of many. A simple example of this form of manipulation is in the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat.” Why was it changed from the original? When you get curious, you’ll find the answer. I know that Wikipedia is not the be-all for information, but this is what it has to say about the phrase.

“Curiosity killed the cat” is a proverb used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. It also implies that being curious can sometimes lead to danger or misfortune. The original form of the proverb, now rarely used, was “Care killed the cat”. In this instance, “care” was defined as “worry” or “sorrow for others”


The earliest printed reference to the original proverb appears in the 1598 play, Every Man in His Humour, written by the English playwright Ben Jonson:[1]

Helter-skelter, hang sorrow, care’ll kill a cat, up-tails all, and a louse for the hangman.
The play was first performed by Shakespeare’s playing company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Shakespeare used a similar quote in his circa 1599 play, Much Ado About Nothing:

What, courage man! what though care killed a cat, thou hast mettle enough in thee to kill care.
The proverb remained the same until at least 1898. Ebenezer Cobham Brewer included this definition in his Dictionary of Phrase and Fable:

Care killed the Cat.

It is said that “a cat has nine lives,” yet care would wear them all out.

Get curious, pay more attention, and practice discernment.

To sum up what I wrote in my book “Zolana,” it’s about knowing what gives you power. You have everything you need inside your body to survive practically anything. Did you know that breathing deeply activates the vagus nerve? This in turn releases chemicals that can keep you warm in extreme cold, or cool in extreme heat. With a simple technique, you can kill a cold or flu in a very short time. I experienced this purely by accident. They don’t want us to know this. There is too much money in keeping people sick and dependent on useless drugs. Greed has no limit to what they’ll do to keep people from getting well, and so I’m here to help you see that we have a medicine cabinet inside of us.

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